We began as pioneers in the fitness industry and have become a widely recognized health club leader in the United States with over 40 years of operating experience.

The Bally Mission

A recognized fitness brand, Bally continues to focus on offering the highest value and convenience to our members, employees and partners.

  • Providing all of the benefits of a full-service gym at an affordable price continues to be the driving force behind all that we do for our members.
  • With an energetic and positive work environment and competitive compensation, Bally is the workplace for today’s most talented people.
  • Bally is strongly positioned to ride the immense wave of health and fitness trends, which can help bring substantial rewards to partners and investors.

The Bally Story

The roots of Bally Total Fitness date all the way back to the early 1930’s, starting with a small group of investors in the Chicago manufacturing industry who sold Ballyhoo pinball machines. During World War II, the Bally Manufacturing Corporation developed gun-sights for B-52 bombers, an oxygen regulator for fighter pilots and detonator fuses, garnering the company the prestigious Army-Navy "E" award. Through several decades, the company expanded into many industries, including gaming, video games and amusement parks.

In 1983, anticipating long-term growth in fitness, Bally acquired Health & Tennis Corporation. In 1984 Bally purchased Lifecycle, later renamed Life Fitness, makers of cutting edge fitness equipment. Within four years, Bally became the world's largest owner and operator of fitness centers.

For over 40 years, Bally Total Fitness has led the way in making high-tech fitness equipment and services accessible and affordable to everybody. And, as the trailblazer in personal training, Bally continues to successfully educate and motivate thousands of members each year to fulfill their personal fitness goals.

Interestingly, Bally headquarters is currently situated on the very Chicago site where several visionary investors first began the company in 1931…and where today’s talented team continues to implement a new vision for continued growth and success.

Earth Fitness

Bally Total Fitness is just as committed to the fitness of our environment and earth as that of our members. Some of our earth-friendly and community initiatives include:

  • Elimination of paper towels in restrooms
  • Working towards paperless corporate and club operations and communications
  • A company-wide recycling program 
  • Eco-friendly flooring
  • Donation of used fitness equipment via our BFit Community program
  • Equipment that is not donated is always recycled for scrap metal and never dumped in landfills

We are working to help your community get fit by donating gently-used equipment. Learn more about our BFit Community program here.